Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Visit to Lake Como and a View of the Last Supper

It was rainy in Milan and the weather predication was continued rain with some relief later in the day. The trip to Como was on a fast train and only took thirty minutes. Such a beautiful place. After leaving the station we headed into the town by the lake. It seemed quite new with wide tree lined streets, however as we got further into the town it reminded us of Florence. Norrow cobble stone streets between very old buildings.

We had a short walk around this beautiful lake. The sun was just starting to break through the clouds and the slight breeze off this hugh lake was quite chilly

The next day Sunday, we had a rest in the morning and then headed off to see the 'Last Supper', or as my Cousin would say, the 'Last Dinner'. This famous painting is on the wall of the refrectory next to the church Santa Maria delle Grazie in the Piazza of the same name.

It was interesting to leard (again) that only forty percent of the original painting is left thanks to Leordano's experiments with dry plaster and egg yoke, and bombing the refrectory in World War II.

On our way home on the train we were entertained by a "Antoni Bonetti" type character.

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