Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day Trip to Senia

After some early morning shopping for a simple meal at night, we left Dicamano at about 9:30. A few kilometres from Dicamano a stop was made at the Museo Mario Romoli, Villa Di Poggio Reale in Rufina. Discovering this unknown artist, Mario Romoli was a real pleasure. The local authority has dedicated an entire floor to exhibit his extraordinary and eclectic artwork (mostly paintings) to the public. His son and daughter-in-law manage the museo.

He was a friend of Picasso, Roualt and other artists and influences from Picasso can be seen in his paintings. Two of the last artworks he completed before his death in 1978 are 'Sole' and 'La Barca'.(below) 

Our dear friend and personal tour guide Nicole will be working for the Romoli family, translating all of the Italian text firstly into English and possibly into French.

Karen and I have never been to Senia and going there was a wish for this trip to Italy. A beautiful Medieval Tuscan city perched on top of a hill. Lots of walking up-hill but it was worth it. The Piazza, Duomo and Duccio's art were all exhilarating. The floor marble inlay panels in the Duomo were most impressive. 

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