Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Reintroduction To Torino

We met Dave and Beck at Porta Nova station in the centre of the beautiful city of Torino. For me it was like coming home again. The 1888 apartment,that Dave and Beck arranged through AirBnB, was a short walk from the station. 

The two bedroom, two bathroom, study, service room, dining room, lounge and kitchen apartment was overwhelming. The pictures will tell you the story. 

After settling in and having a rest we walked to Giorgio's shop where we met with his wife Claudia, and Eraldo my second cousins before we went to a special dinner in the Santuario Della Consolata church sanctuary. The dinner was to thank all of the volunteers and people who support the church.

The next day, Saturday would be a day of rest. Karen, Dave and Beck visited the markets late morning for food for lunch and dinner. I had some coffee and looked around the local area. In the afternoon we all planned trains and reservations for the next week. 

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