Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bologna (the fat one) the City of the Arts, Food and Intellect

We arrived in Bologna at about one thirty, booked into the hotel which was across the via from the train station. We were surprised that we were up graded to a junior suite. The remaining time for the day gave us the opportunity to visit the Mambo museum. The special exhibit was to to see the Giorgio Marandi collection.

We then walked down to the Piazza Maggiore, the centre of the city. The hotel had a very elegant Aperitiva so we had a few drinks, ate and had no need for dinner. 

We spent the next day exploring the historical city if Bologna, the home of the first university and known as the "learned one". It is also referred to as the "fat one" as it is a real food town. It has a history of revolutionaries and thinkers and this was evident today as we listened (but didn't understand) to some speakers at Piazza Miaggore. (a bit like speakers corner in Hyde Park)

We learnt a lot at the Palazzo Pepoli (Museum of the History of Bologna) which was a very contemporary narrative treatment using interactive displays (which is not common in Italian museums) but housed in a medieval building. A very enjoyable few hours.

We leave for Milan tomorrow, then a day trip to Lake Como, Last Supper, Dinner with the father of one of Tim's waiters, maybe some shopping in Milan and then home on Wed.

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