Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday, Daylight-Saving and a Wonderful trip to La Sacrd Di San Michele

Giorgio his wife Claudia, and Eraldo, my second cousins telephoned us and confirmed that they would pick David, Beck, Karen and myself up from our apartment for a trip to La Sacra di San Michele. This magnificant Medeival Abbey, born between 983 and 987 sits one kilometre up, on the top of Mount Pirghiriano. The Abbey was established to meet the demands and culture of pilgrimage.

The Rosminian Fathers look after the Abbey which is one of the largest religious Romanesque crchitectural complexes, the result of construction and enlargements made over a millennium and in 1994 was declared the "monument symbolising Piedmont".

Low clouds were moving in, however the view, cold breeze and the whole feeling of history was exriliating. The trip was a great experience.

We then drove back to Giorgio and Claudia's apartment for a traditional five course Piedmontese lunch. Conversation was often difficult however we all worked together to fill in the meanings. Later on Valentena and her children Marta and Alberto arrived. Mauro her husband is Giorgio and Claudia's son.

On Monday in most cities in Italy the museums, galleries and palaces are closed. This was atime to experience the local culture, have more coffee, do some washing and at 6:oopm have aperitivo at a local bar.

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